On the occasion of World Environment Day, some tips for you to protect the environment

It is impossible to increase the density of forests unless there is a social audit of tree plantation - Satendra Singh (Environmentalist) and member District Ganga Conservation Committee -Ghaziabad.

Every year despite the massive tree plantation drive, the percentage of forests is not increasing due to not working in the right direction, in the right way. Each department is set a target of planting lakhs of trees every year.

But has it ever been considered that where and how many saplings were planted by a particular department? And then took care of them or not? How many of the cultivated plants survived?

It is not possible until these questions are answered. And for this, it is essential to get a social audit done by an NGO or any other competent person so that transparency is maintained, and it can also be known that if the plants do not grow, what was the reason? And knowing that reason can resolve it. Only then the tree plantation campaign will gain momentum.

Along with this, we should plant timber trees more and not bushy plants. Suggestions have been sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by Satendra Singh (Environmentalist) and member District Ganga Protection Committee - Ghaziabad to protect our environment by planting trees in the right direction at the right time. We have to cultivate such plants which give more oxygen like Peepal, Banyan, Pilkhan, etc.

We want to give you some suggestions. If these suggestions are implemented, then it will significantly strengthen your efforts to save the environment. I have been working for the environment for the past 30 years.

The officers of the departments are also working, but if the same work is done in the right direction, it is inevitable to get their results.

Conservation of the environment and nature is necessary because if no moths are sucking the sap of flowers, there will be pollination problems. Trees will not grow naturally in the forests. Due to the lack of trees, there will be a massive increase in soil slipping in the mountains, and even a little rain will cause widespread destruction. It is with this confidence that I am passing on my suggestions to you.

  1. The trees planted along the roads are of eucalyptus (Safeda), which significantly reduce the groundwater. In ancient times, people planted such trees where there was a swamp. And these trees were used to dry the water. These trees were brought here during the British era, due to which our groundwater has gone down a lot. By removing them and instead timber trees, fruit trees, such as Rosewood, Deodar, Banyan, Jackfruit, Peepal, Neem, Mango, Karanja, Mahogany, Mulberry, Sycamore, Pilkhan, Jamun, Arjun, etc. are all trees which can be prepared and planted. Could. Due to the fruits, monkeys and birds will get their shelter. And the monkeys who run in the city will be attracted to that side. So that people in the cities will not be disturbed by the monkeys. And the administration will not have to make an effort to catch the monkeys. If the government wants, it can give all the trees to the villages falling on the roadside for their care. The government can provide the fruits of the trees to the caring villagers and keep the wood for themselves. Due to this, along with the care of trees, the environment will also be clean. And the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere will also increase.
  1. At present, 20 per cent of timber trees are planted along the roads, while 80 per cent of them are bushes. Which show greenery, but the amount of oxygen that should be available in the atmosphere or the other benefits mentioned above are not there. And their life is also less than timber trees. If this is reversed i.e. 80 per cent of timber trees and 20 per cent of shrub trees are planted, then there will be a significant contribution in improving the environment.
  1. According to section 128 of the UP Factory Rules, it should be ensured to plant trees in the factory, but no official shows interest in this direction. At the same time, there are many factories which can grow a good number of trees.

Rule 128 – Plantation of Trees – The occupier of a factory, employing ordinarily 100 or more workers, shall plant and maintain trees within the precincts of the factory. The number, type and layout of the trees to be planted shall be got approved by the Forest Officer of the area or any other qualified Horticulturist.

[ Ins. by Noti. No. 2068/XXXVI-3-2028(F)-80-CA-1948-Rule-1950-AM-50-1982, dt. 25.11.1982, published in the U.P. Gazette, Extra., dt. 25.11.1982 (w.e.f. 25.11.1982). ]

But, never to date has any officer paid attention to this in any inspection. Nor has any effort been made by the department in this direction.

  1. Many other such acts have been ensured to plant trees in factories and commercial establishments. It may also happen that with issuing any license, a condition has to be made that you have to plant a fixed number of trees in a fixed number of years; otherwise, it will automatically cancel your consent.

Every municipal body and authority will have to ensure that while passing the maps of every house and any building, this matter is kept in mind, but strictness should be done on this subject. And should ensure its provision in every authority and body.

  1. Every department is given a tree plantation target every year, and trees are also provided to them. Every department also makes ends meet by showing the trees on the paper. But it is never considered where those trees have been planted and whether there is someone to take care of the trees where they have been planted or are they just left to die. Because of the way claims of planting trees are made every year, if, in reality, were planted, then the situation would have been different.

Therefore, there should be a social audit of each department. So that it is known, that how many trees have planted by which department? When and where? and what is their present condition? Trees will have to be kept under constant watch; what was the reason for how many trees are alive, which have died, it will have to be considered, and that deficiency will have to be removed, along with this geo-tagging of trees should be ensured and not just on paper.

Banyan, Indian Fig, Peepal, Kadamba, Sivan, Arjun, Manvel, Bamboo, Neem, Karanj, Golden Bamboo and Kanchan trees should be planted on rivers, not bushy plants. A social audit of each department is done by a third party NGO. or by any other competent person.

  1. In most factories, the water treatment plant is installed only for the food supply, which is of no use because it does not work. There is no use of such a water treatment plant which keeps on polluting the rivers. We have to make such a plan so that its cost comes down and its maintenance is also cheap and easy to not become heavy in everyone's pocket. Because small factory owners do not apply it just because of being expensive, so it should be considered in this direction that what good option we can give.

Along with this, special attention should be paid to factories of hazardous category, even if only two men work there and that does not come under the purview of the Factories Act.

Like many dye factories running in tiny houses with only 4-5 people. And no strictness is imposed on them due to the non-implementation of the Factory Act. But they pollute the most. So for this, it is suggested, that Government should provide such people, with a place, to work in a group. And they should be registered, and a significant (standard) water treatment plant should be set up so that everyone's contaminated water is clean. In this way, there will be no burden on the small factory owners, as well as it will help in saving groundwater, rivers, ponds and the environment.

  1. Planting prevents soil erosion, as tree roots hold the soil tightly together, ensuring that the soil stays in place. Soil erosion is a significant cause of concern because humans need quality soil for good crops, which provides that there should be enough soil to absorb rainwater before it reaches the ground, as well as It also filters rainwater. If the earth is not strong, there is danger of landslides in hilly and mountainous areas. We should plant more and more trees on the banks of rivers and ponds. So that soil erosion does not happen and also helps in preventing floods.
  2. Should run a campaign in such a way that should launch the movement by adding famous film personalities or other stars so that the inclination of the general public also increases towards environmental protection. And take inspiration from these people. Along with this, the politicians and regional leaders and workers will have to make sure to give responsibility. It will also have to be ensured to provide the party post or election ticket to those who have done exceptional work for environmental protection in their area, which will also ensure the participation of the general public. And when the general public joins, then success is sure to come in this direction.
  3. Preference should be given to environmental protection in any examination, interview. Whoever has done work in the area, then the authenticity of that work will have to be verified by the area's forest officer or District Magistrate. This subject should be essential in every class, and this subject should be from the primary level itself so that the children know its importance and are aware of it.

Children should also be motivated to plant trees. Or do any other work related to this subject so that they know its importance along with information in this subject and such children should be encouraged by giving some extra marks. But at the same time, it should also ensure that the trees planted are safe and socially audited.

  1. Claims of planting lakhs of trees every year by all NGOs, other religious or social organizations make headlines in the media. The Government should also investigate them because all the self-proclaimed Green Man, Tree man, Water Man, Pond Man are increasing but the condition of the environment is the same.

This is a thought-provoking topic, and there should be a social audit of such people, too, because such people are throwing dust in the administration's eyes at the time of tree plantation. The plants are taken free of cost and then sold in nurseries at low prices. They are doing business with it.

If even one lakh trees are planted in any place, they will automatically attract people's attention. But planting trees only on paper will never bring greenery. Therefore, they should also do their audit from time to time through other means.

  1. Reforestation (afforestation) will have to be emphasized, and it will have to be done fast, which means that new trees will have to be planted in place of the cut trees again in the forest. When we plant a new tree in the area of the trees burnt due to selective harvesting, or fire, it is called reforestation, due to which the balance in nature is maintained.
  2. Tree translocation is when trees are removed from one place and planted in another area. Saving trees means saving the environment. That is why there is a protest against the cutting of trees. If we have to remove trees for urbanization, it is better to relocate them than cut them. During this, a lot of caution has to be taken. A three-foot pit is dug around the tree in a radius of one meter. And the tree is taken out along with the root and planted in another place. During this, the 'Root Promoting Harvest' chemical is applied to the tree's roots so that the tree can grow in its new location.

"There is a lack of awareness about relocating trees. This has to be taken seriously, and not only in Delhi but trees from across the country can be relocated. There is no need to cut trees; the administration should take out tenders for relocating trees. And to promote this technology. There will be no opposition to it, and it will not harm the environment.

I have written a book, "The Meaning of Cleanliness and Environment in India". Both cleanliness and environment complement each other, and I have written this book with the tireless efforts of the last five years.

I am sure that we can do a lot if the above suggestions are put into practice.

Satendra Singh


Member District Ganga Conservation Committee -Ghaziabad


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